"Government 2.0" and Playing With Fire

The English language is a very confusing language when it comes to being precise about a description of a particular view. One word in can basically mean a bunch of words or phrases. This is why Tim O’Reilly makes it obvious that being precise with your English vocabulary is very important when one is trying to get the main purpose across. Tim O’Reilly does a wonderful job bringing the word openness into creating environments were people can grow and developed and be listened to whether it’s in the cyber world or in a government setting.

The idea of Tim O’Reilly branching off into the government setting with “government 2.0” is very beneficial and worthwhile. America was built on the ordinary citizen’s idea or feelings, instead a very small group within the government makes all the decisions for us instead of really listening to the people. It’s a very complex situation and goes far beyond Tim O’Reilly’s “government 2.0” but he has a very good start on getting these style governments on the right foot. Listening to your people that are living by your rules daily is good way to gin feedback to improve the vast majorities living styles not just the small group of government officials. With opening up the government to people’s complaints and ideas for improvement it will allow change that the citizens of their country really can appreciate instead of feeling neglected. This will create less hatred, crime, and unnecessary stress that are produced by the governmental system on purpose. This idea of listening to all the people’s complaints can cause some issues too. Not everyone’s heads are in the best mind set or who is to even tell anyone whose mind is in the right mind set; who decides what vast majority opinion should be held truthful. This can cause many differences to come about and this is due to religion, class differences, etc. Another issue that could come about from a “government 2.0” is do all these companies go that are truly a danger to majority of society? Were do the employees go? How do they survive? The system of capitalism should be relooked by the people within this “government 2.0” to make a way for people to not have to strive for money so badly that it distracts them from the reality of the true world. This is one of the factors our U.S. government does to every citizen, so our heads are not or can’t pay attention. Using the “government 2.0” will also have to fix capitalism in a worldwide sense. How do you compensate for all the years of debt owed or resources owed to other countries? When other countries have different beliefs, how do you fix your capitalistic ways with them?


It’s a very dangerous way to think of setting up this “Government 2.0” or “2.0” anything. When making drastic changes to such a system that is built around having control and power, you really think no physical activity will take place or war, to say the worst, to reject these drastic changes? I don’t believe things can be changed so easily when everything has taking a turn for the worst so deeply that we are poisoning our species and not educating our young for the better of our survivability. Yes that act for change and seeing the better for the people whether its open source technology of “government 2.0” but you’re playing with fire when you want to change rules of THE game.

Matrix and Tron

     From the times that the Matrix and Tron where produced the writer of each movie had the idea of advanced intelligent technology being developed by humans becomes far more intelligent than intended and ends up controlling the average human in their scenario. In Tron, the idea of a human created intelligence system ended of becoming so powerful that it decided to stop taking control from humans and started to play its own way in holding people captive to play games with someone always dieing in the end. The Matrix developed a concept of intelligent technology that made humans think they where living a real life, which in fact they are just, hooked up into a huge machine. Tron and The Matrix bring us into thinking about how destructive or non-destructive Technology can be.

     The Matrix and Tron do seem to have some differences though. The Matrix is really focused on a massive intelligent Computer life that stocks human life’s and makes the human life think that their actual reality is real when in fact they’re just a fuel cell used in the technology’s system. This plot makes one think about what reality is. Were as Tron has people get beamed into the system and have an idea of how they got there and what their surroundings are. Tron focuses on not more of what is reality but more of how controlling and dangerous this new technology can be.

     Within today’s world of Digital Culture Siri or a device that you can talk to and it will operate to what you tell it today isn’t out of the question. Just like in Tron were the main database had an identity and you could ask it to do different things. In cell phone you can ask your voice command for directions or to give you information on a certain subject. Another point though that comes across from these two movies is that technology will evolve to become more life like. Interactive technology isn’t new to our society anymore and with the help of a 3D printer who knows were interactive technology can go. It can actually make those secret agents from the matrix or the antagonist from Tron come to life. It would be possible to even compute them to act as they did in the movies.

      My opinion is Technology can be really dangerous in the wrong hands. The idea with the 3D printer creating a somewhat “Cyborg” evil creation can devastate the world from all it has gained. The Matrix and Tron definitely reassure us that technology can turn for the worst; the destruction on reality and our freedom.